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Since 1992 we have Guaranteed effective results without diets, medications and long-term treatment.
Dr. Clinton W. Smith


Weight Loss Hypnosis

Precision Hypnosis produces weight release without diets and medication. It can eliminate or significantly reduce cravings for any unhealthy food. You learn to stop negative eating habits and overcome the sabotage of stress and emotional eating.

Pain Management

Are you tired of pills and side effects associated with them? Our aim is to empower you with life changing techniques and work your physician to reduce or eliminate medications that will not stop bad habits and emotional issues.

Migraine Treatment

Did you know there are more than 10 hypnotic techniques that can reduce or eliminate any type of pain? See our testimonials for migraine headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS and back pain.

Smoking Cessation

Break-Away Stop Smoking combines our time tested method with your 100% commitment to stop and apply what we teach you will stop smoking in two hrs. We Can Stop Anyone From Smoking with no weight gain, no struggle, no patches, no pills.


Learn Self-Hypnosis from the Doctor By Phone

The Doctor Is On The Phone

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We have conducted hundreds of private, couple and conference counseling sessions by phone. These lifestyle changing sessions are flexible for your busy schedule. Imagine learning to overcome unwanted habits and being guided into deep hypnosis at home.

Precision Hypnosis targets weight loss, stop smoking, stress as well as pain management. So get a pen and pad; your natural change can begin this evening or perhaps on your lunch break.